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Proverbs 27.17

6th Grade Challenges

The Iron Men Challenges are designed to help our guys pour in truth, learn some fundamental skills as a man, build community in our group and have fun along the way.  We try to anchor the challenges in our five principles (but's just for fun):

Know Christ

Be Second

Anchor Yourself in Community

Honor Women

Embrace Adventure

This year, in sixth grade, there will be three challenges they must complete.  How long it takes them is up to them.  Each challenge is protected by a password.  The first challenge is open for all to see.  The second and third challenge passwords will be provided when your son completes the previous challenge.

Gladiator Sword - $39.99


If your son completes all three challenges by the end of April, he will earn a gladiator sword.  As with any activity there a cost for the sword and we would be glad to help with the expense if it is a stretch financially.  Please reach out to us if we can help.

Good luck to everyone. and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

6th Grade Challenges:

Click on the challenge below as your son advances through each challenge.

6th Grade Challenge #1

You Determine Your Destination

Two-Part Challenge

Part1 - Click Here

Part2 - Click Here

6th Grade Challenge #2

Fundamental Skill Every Man Should Know

Sixth Grade Challenge #3

The Five Dials Challenge

Challenges FAQ:

Why do you have the challenges and what is their purpose?

The challenges were created by John and me to help build character, encourage investment by your son in the group and to bring a great purpose to each year in TRANSIT.

Does my son HAVE to participate in the challenges?  Should I MAKE my son do the challenges??

No and NO.  We will encourage each student to participate but this is a choice they should make.  They will feel the natural consequences of not completing the challenges by the end of the year :)

When does my son get the sword?

When your son completes all the challenges he earns the sword.  However, we will not present your son with the sword until the end of the school year.  Each year our group has an "End of Year Celebration" where we lift up the group and its members.  Various awards are presented to group members during the Ceremony and the sword will be presented at this time.  I will send emails out in January or February to reserve time on everyone's calendar.

Great, all I need is one more thing on my plate.  What is the best way to keep up with my son during this process?

The good news is you do not have to do anything.  Challenge #1, Part 2 will involve him taking on certain responsibilities and we ask that you simply take note of him doing a good job and encourage him to keep an eye on his "List" and assign him a grade each week when you receive an email from me asking you to do so.

Email us with any other questions that you have and we will post them here...

Iron Men - "cold hard cash" challenges

Cold Hard Cash that's what we do.  Keep up with who is winning each challenge.

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