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Honor Women Discussion

Five Dials Update

This week in group we covered a couple of topics. The first was what it looks like for each student to pray on a daily basis and go beyond just praying for themselves. To have on their radar to look out for others who need their prayers.

The next thing we talked about in group was Honoring Women. We touched on this in our Ceremony last Sunday - basically how I feel dating is really not something that needs to happen in 8th grade. I mean why single out a girl now when you know that you cannot put "the lens of marriage" on that relationship. In most cases you just end up burning that bridge.

Today, I asked the guys to consider not dating in 8th grade but to simply honor all the women/girls they come face to face with each day. Our job as men is to leave women in better shape than we found them. What I mean by that is whether it is saying hello in the hall, holding the door open for them or actually dating a woman...we are called as men to guard them, protect them, build them up and honor them. Overall this means to treat them in a way that they are stronger and better for having known you. That is a high standard to try to meet!

So what happens if they do decide to single a girl out and date that girl this year? I told them I expected them to meet with her father (face to face) and explain their intentions. They all freaked out a little bit and said that would be scary. My response..."My daughter knows that before she spends any time alone with a boy, he has to meet with me." This also serves as a great filter for them. Is this relationship worth meeting with her dad one on one? Is she important enough to do scary things?? Maybe...maybe not.

Ultimately, I told them if I find out they are dating a girl this year...that will be my first question to them. I expect them to honor the girl and honor her father. More to come later on the topic of "the lens of marriage". This is a fundamental concept we will be drilling into the guys this year. Stay tuned and have a great Sunday.

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