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Honor Women Discussion - Continued

Five Dials Update

You never know what you are going to walk into each week at group. This week was full of energy! We had a problem getting the guys to calm down so we started group with sprints and push ups in the parking lot. That did the trick. Sprint 30 yards, drop down and give us 10 push ups and sprint another 30 yards...then another set of 10 push ups...then another...then another. We managed to get all that energy out in the parking lot and then had a great conversation around relationships with women.

One of the guys brought up that he had a situation in sixth that he still had bitterness over. A girl that he liked...started liking another guy in our group!!! This was the perfect time to break this situation down in group!!! Think about it! This happened two years ago and he is still carrying that around with him. When you give your heart to a girl - when that relationship ends - a piece stays with that girl.

This is true with most relationships and we asked the guys to think about if they had 20 relationships from now until they get much of your heart is left to give to your wife? I went on to give an example of my "first love"...

I was in 9th grade and I fell head over heels for a girl. We dated for 9 months and she broke up with me for another guy. I was devastated. Fast forward to today...that girl is a very active member of North Point. My wife knows about this relationship in my past and she sees her just about every week in church. I hate that for my wife. My choice to give my heart to a girl back in 9th grade not only affected me as a man but it now affects my wife.

Our choices in middle school and high school DO matter. I think our guys are starting to see that. We made sure they knew that they have a choice. Just because we ask them to see our side of this equation does not mean they HAVE to follow our advice. There will be no judgement from us and we want to be here for them if that relationship comes to an end. We are just asking them to start showing self-control when it comes to girls. It's biblical. God gives us self-control. It is a fruit of the Spirit. When you exercise that muscle it gets stronger and easier to make wiser decisions in the future.

I want to close this week with giving thanks for our group. These guys are special. We told them to head out to the parking lot and they did it. They did the sprints and push ups and they respected John, Matthew and me in that process. They are so awesome and we are so thankful that they love us like we love them.

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