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Congrats Wilson! 2017 Silver Cross Winner

The Silver Cross is not meant to be a competition. It can certainly feel like when we are awarding this honor. It is meant to be something bigger. It is meant to be something that inspires the guys in the group to a higher standard. When Christ dwells in us, we cannot help but see fruit. When we Know Christ and thereby Follow Christ - the fruit just appears. It is truly an amazing phenomenon.

Granted, some guys are going to take the Silver Cross more seriously than others. I want your sons to know that just because they did receive it this year does not mean they have no hope next year. There is truth to the fact that the guys on Mason's top three list have a little head start but I wanted to encourage the whole group to do some self assessment and shoot for the Silver Cross next year. Rest assured...John, Mason, Wilson, Matthew, Jack and me will be watching and observing for next years candidates.

The Silver Cross is presented each year to the student who we believe walks most closely with Christ. One who inspires and leads others to greater heights and they lift up and consider others before themselves. We have a lot of great guys in the group and this is never an easy decision. We are blessed to have such an amazing group of young men to lead.

Having said all of parents, you can ask your son if they wondered if they were on the final list of qualifying candidates. It is a very productive conversation to have with them. Do they want it? Do they think they should change something? Is that a heart change or simply a behavior change? For some of our guys it is a behavior change that will launch them to the top of the list. Pray with them and ask God to soften their heart to be more alert to simple changes they can make so that serving and loving come more naturally and are a daily priority.

No one is perfect. No one is going to hit the mark all the time. Make no mistake, they all have what it takes to succeed in life. The Silver Cross can be a great vehicle to open up some great conversations about who they are and who they want to be. Putting self-assessment into practice this early in life will help them in every aspect of life as they move through various seasons. One final point I would like to drive home though...

They are already all they need to be in Christ. They need to earn nothing from him. In His eyes, they are perfect. Self-assessment is healthy but it should never be a weight or burden that you carry. Self-assessment serves those around you and in the end, when you are successful serving others, you will experience favor that you could never imagine. You will experience the Fruit. Life is lighter, your heart is full and your feet are firmly on His path.

Congratulations Wilson...I am a better man for knowing you.

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