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SEX SERIES - Week 2 Update

Week 2 was a perfect week to discuss one of the most challenging FIVE DIALS. It is a challenging DIAL because it takes a tremendous amount of discipline and it involves you controlling your mouth. It is challenging because the world around us does not make it easy. The DIAL I am referring to is HONOR WOMEN. Today, TRANSIT split the guys and the girls up during large group. The guys stayed in the attic to watch a video and the girls went to their small group rooms to watch a different video. I can only speak to the guys video - it asked our guys to think about what it means to honor women and what standards they should set for themselves. What a great way to reinforce the fact that the FIVE DIALS are real and they can help all men take an inventory of where their heart is and how they can adjust a DIAL or two to get back in line with the plan God has for their lives.

With the limited time we had in group we talked about the importance of this DIAL and by starting now you WILL be protecting your future self. We went through scenarios that play out at the lunch table, on social medial and group chats. We discussed how you can step back from challenging situations and not participate, and when it is appropriate, to defend a woman's honor. As our conversation unfolded it became apparent (in hindsight) that a trend was forming...honoring women starts with controlling your behavior.

Filter what comes out of your mouth.

Do not objectify women with your actions or words.

Put guardrails in place to protect your eyes.

Do not participate in tearing a girl down.

I love that we had the platform this morning to discuss how each of our guys are in control of their behavior and each of them can be a protector or a predator. I wish I had someone in seventh grade that spoke this truth into my heart. I wish I had someone warning me of the dangers of not honoring women. I wish someone would have painted a picture of what that looks like. It would have saved me the heartache and damage from a number of unhealthy relationships that I had no business being in. It would have changed my life.

Having said all that, I believe in middle school, honoring women starts with your mom and your sister. Practice on them and you will build a healthy foundation of honoring all women. Practice on the simple stuff first - holding the door open and never dishonor the women in your home with your mouth or actions. If you can get this on your radar and put your mom and sister's well being above your own on a consistent basis then it is easier to do the same while you are walking the halls in school or in a group chat with friends.

Spend some time this week as a family and come up with standards of conduct for the men in your home. Talk through why it is important to HONOR WOMEN and how it protects your ability as a man to be a great leader, father and husband.

As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. Have a great week.

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