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Finding Your Why...

One of my favorite books is "Start with Why" by Simon Sinek ( The concepts have been helpful personally and professionally and it dawned on me that having a “Why” statement about Iron Faith Ministries and Transit would be helpful. Why are David and I so focused? How does What we do connect with the Why? Why are we so focused on the Five Dials, the Challenges, participating in group activities. Why are we calling on parents, and especially Dads, to buy into the concepts? I read something recently which provided a great summary so I thought I would share it with you.

"In contrast to girls, who automatically ease into womanhood with puberty, a boy needs to become a man through a spiritually transformative action. In the initiation rites, religious texts and national epics of practically every world culture, the story is the same: the boy must separate from the soft, sheltering world of women- of mother- enter the world of danger and challenge, face death, and only then return to the world of women as a protector, having conquered death and been reborn as something new. Through trial and suffering, he undergoes a spiritual death as a boy and a transcendent rebirth as a man. In societies where actual war isn't an option, initiation rites create its moral equivalent. If there's one thing that men across the globe instinctively share, it's the view of the warrior archetype as the purest form of masculinity. And what is the warrior's highest ideal, but self-sacrifice? Masculinity is an infinitely greater and different thing than being "tough", bedding women, or being materially successful. Masculinity is, at heart, a willingness to sacrifice oneself for the "other".

Jesus Christ was the epitome of this masculine template. He left His family, underwent supernatural battle in the desert, defeated the devil, and brought back a great boon of enlightenment to His people. Then, He was tortured and killed for their sake , but conquered death itself with His Resurrection, bringing salvation to humanity. Men instinctively relate to this heroic, glorious and masculine aspect of Jesus. He was, and is, everything we want to be as men." Source - J. Michael.

I will tell you that distilling your thoughts into a meaningful bottom line summary or single sentence is hard. It always seems like there can be improvement but with that said, here is our Why.

  1. We believe in calling young boys to follow the path of Jesus to live as a man - He must Know Christ.

  2. We believe a man is given strength for him to use and leverage for others - to Be Second.

  3. We believe a man's leadership in the world and with his family will always protect and Honor Women.

  4. We believe men grow and become stronger with other men by Anchoring in Community.

  5. We believe life is always a frontier which is risky, hard and fun and we can't shy away. He must Embrace Adventure.

Reading this post over and over as I write it has been helpful and encouraging. It gets me excited about our group. It gets me excited about each one of your sons and the future they have in front of them and the ripples each of their lives will make in the lives of others. It gets me excited about the families that can be impacted by living out these ideals. It encourages me to keep trying to live out the Five Dials in my own life, even when it gets hard. It makes me very thankful for David Saylor. It makes me very thankful for our church.

I hope this has been encouraging and even inspiring for you like it has been for me. Maybe considering your own "Why" will help and inspire you as well as those around you. For more ideas you can give these a try:

Write your Why Statement:

What on earth are you for?

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