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Remain "Blameless" - Proverbs 2:7

Iron Men Challenge #1 - Seek Wisdom

So we launched this years challenges with our guys this week and I have decided to do the challenge myself. I was introduced to the concept of a chapter of Proverbs a Day by Van Fletcher. The idea struck me as a slam dunk...makes complete sense. If you do nothing else in the Word that day make sure you pour in Solomon's wisdom. I have done this challenge countless times on my own yet every time I do it, a different Proverb from each chapter strikes a chord in my heart. Today I wrote down Proverbs 2:7 and wrote a little comment on the back of the card on why it struck's why.

My son, Peyton, is 20 years old (I can't believe that) and I am so blessed to have him as my son. He is truly wise beyond his years and the most compassionate person I know (next to his mother). My daughter, Kat, is 16 years old and she has got to be the funniest person I know and she blesses me in so many ways with her light-hearted spirit and how generous she is to others. I swear I have spent more money on buying spontaneous gifts for her friends than anything else as she has grown up. I say all this because the term "Blameless" was used constantly in our house as they grew up. Now that Peyton is off at college and Kat is in high school I see this concept of remaining blameless in action in their hearts all the time. It truly is a wise concept to live by. Granted the concept comes easier for some people (Peyton/Denise) than others (Kat/David) in our home. It is embedded in our spirits though and it is foolproof if you try to live by it.

As a parent, teaching the concept of "Remaining Blameless" to your children is fundamental to their ability to serve others and bring light to every room they walk into. What I mean by this is - remaining blameless does not mean you cast blame on others when things go wrong. Instead you realize that you can only control one thing in any given situation - your you react...honoring others...thinking ahead before you open your mouth or retaliate. Remaining blameless in every situation is impossible but we can have it on our radar as disciples of Christ. It always puts the other person first and requires a tremendous amount of humility and discipline. When you exercise this muscle of remaining blameless, life just becomes easier, lighter. Solomon was so wise when he says in Proverbs chapter 2 verse 7 - "He holds victory in store for the upright, he is a shield to those whose walk is blameless."

A couple of things popped out at me this morning as I read this verse. First, he HOLDS victory in STORE. It does not mean that you will receive favor in every situation, that you will win or that the reward will be immediate. No, God's timing is not something we can understand but when your walk is blameless HE knows and you know...whether the other person recognizes this or not. The second part of this is He is a shield for you. God is your protection, your walk with Christ is richer and your heart is lighter. What an amazing truth this is for our children and as parents we should take time in pivotal situations to look in rearview mirror with our children and walk through how they reacted to a heated situation and what it looks like to remain blameless if the situation ever pops up again.

In the end, I believe Peyton and Kat understand that they cannot control how others act in certain situations...they can only control their response and their behavior. I am thankful for King Solomon and his words of wisdom. I am thankful for my bride who constantly helps me to look inward and remain blameless. In times where I fail, she also holds me accountable to have to humility and the courage to admit I was wrong and extend an apology and repair any damage I may have caused. As parents, we must work to live by the concepts we teach to our children first so that we can effectively point out the plank in their eyes when necessary. So this morning I leave you with a renewed determination to live this concept of remaining blameless and teach it the guys in our group. Until next time...

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