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built for transit small group leaders.

Creating a vision and purpose for your small group takes time.  We want to help you with that.

Whether you are a rookie or a seasoned veteran at leading middle schoolers, thinking holistically about your three years with your group will help you, help the parents and put a firm foundation of faith in the heart of your students.

Your small group is a journey and the families in your group can use all the help they can get to instill strong character, humility and Godly wisdom in their sons.  We have a vision for the families in our group and would love to be a resource for you and invest in you creating a vision of your own or simply using our framework.

Our recipe is simple...


  1. Ingrain the Five Dials in the minds and hearts of our guys.  

  2. Get the parents invested and engaged in the group and our vision for their son's heart.

  3. As invested in the guys (and families) in your group.

Obviously, this will look different for every leader.  How you execute.  What's important to you.  How much time you invest.  All of these variables play into your recipe. Honestly, there is no wrong recipe if your heart is in the right place.  Make no mistake, you have signed up for a tremendous three-year adventure, so why not spend some time asking yourself what you want to accomplish?  What's your mission statement?  What is the intended destination?

For us, it is simple, we want to be at our guys weddings.  Even beyond that, we want to earn the right to help them in their first years of marriage, in honoring their wives and raising their children.  That is the long game we have in mind.   So having said all of that our mission statement is...

Mission statement

Earn the right to speak truth into the families that we serve.  Build them up, hold them accountable and help them craft a clear picture of a future worth protecting and investing in.  Strengthen and challenge them in their faith while creating an environment that is desirable and safe.  As leaders, be invested eternally, knowing that your ministry extends past the student into the lives and hearts of each family member.

Having said all of that.  Your vision might not be the same.  That is OK.  We provide ours only to serve as an example of the vision we have for the families that cross our path.  So, if you want to start thinking about your vision for the group...the best time to start is today.  

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