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the five dials are foundational Check Points in every man's journey.

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Just like a the cockpit of an airplane, a man's life has hundreds of gauges, dials and levers that he has to keep track of in order to keep his life on the right path.  When you ask a pilot how many of those dials really matter he will tell you that there are five dials that really matter the most.  Everything else falls into place if those five dials are checking in healthy.  Our concept of the FIVE DIALS is similar.  As men with a heart for God and a desire to remain on HIS path, we believe there are five essential dials that you should monitor as a man.

As leaders of future men we can help the next generation be in tune with the heart of God, protect their own hearts and serve others.  The Five Dials are designed to be an easy reference point, a baseline so to speak...where in any season of life a man can stop and make sure each of these areas of responsibility are being met.  We want to teach our students in times of crisis, pain or disappointment to look toward Christ first, then look inward and take corrective action.  Self assessment is a necessary skill for ALL men and the Five Dials naturally cultivate and develop this skill.

Whether you are a parent who is being introduced to this concept for the first time or a middle school leader who wants to incorporate these concepts into the foundation of your group, join us on our journey to protect the hearts of men and feel free to reach out if you would like to discuss these concepts further.

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