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nothing is more important to your son than two engaged parents

Whether you find this season of life a struggle or easy to manage…your son needs you.  As a parent, your investment in the middle school years does not have to be a burden or a drag.  As parents, you choose your level of engagement.


In my time (David Saylor) as a middle school leader, marriage champion and mentor to men - one universal truth applies – being intentional in key relationships produces positive results.  Being intentional takes planning, investment and, at times, changing yourself and the way that you are wired.  Being intentional is saying no to the golf course and yes to breakfast at waffle house on Saturday morning with your son.  Being intentional means, no matter how tired you are, you take time to talk to your wife.  Being intentional means prioritizing small group activities over sports and communicating that to your son’s coaches.  Being intentional is getting them to TRANSIT (church) on Sunday even though everyone would rather sleep in.


As the leaders of your son’s middle school group, we need your support.  We ask you to consider taking the time to understand the FIVE DIALS and the war that is being waged for your sons heart and his future self.  We DO NOT ask you to agree with everything we say and welcome your input and direction.  The next three years is a journey.  One that can lay a strong foundation of Christ in the fabric of your son’s heart.  We cannot do this alone and we welcome your presence.

The five dials
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