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We are invested in your son's future and in him finding a faith of his own.

Middle school is such an interesting season of life.  We want to create a space on Sunday mornings that is safe for your son to discuss whatever is on his mind and develop meaningful, long-lasting relationships.  Most importantly, we want him to get to know Christ and what he taught while he was here.

Christ is the perfect example of a "real man".  The life he lived on earth is all we need as men.  Robert Lewis in "Raising a Modern Day Knight" explains the example that Christ set best:

  1. Reject Passivity

  2. Accept Responsibility

  3. Lead Courageously

  4. Invest Eternally

John and I believe that there is a war for your son's heart.  A spiritual war that really gets cranked up in Middle School for whatever reason.  We have the opportunity as Parents and Leaders to come alongside your son and help him find a faith of his own that will serve him and protect him the rest of his life.  We are going to lead them through challenges each year that, if completed, your son will receive a reward and recognition for his efforts.  We believe in ceremony and that manhood should be celebrated, not hidden and isolated.  Manhood is a muscle that needs exercise, it should be developed and it looks a little different for each student.

John and I developed the Five Dials to give your son a guidepost to follow in every season of life.  We will be working to ingrain the Five Dial into your son's life for the next three years and you can learn more by clicking the link below.  We are excited and honored to be leading your son and look forward to this journey.

The five dials
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