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Journey. Iron Men

the iron men program is three year journey that weaves the five dials into the fabric of your son's heart.

Middle school is a journey and your son's heart is at a foundational development stage in his life.  He has more responsibility, more freedom than he as ever experienced before in his life.  We want to take the next three years and treat it as a right of passage.  An adventure where his parents, leaders and church invest in him and give him solid footing moving into high school.  Easier said than done.  You have to plan ahead to accomplish this goal.


The Iron Men program is designed to plant the seeds of the five dials in sixth grade and watch them grow as they progress through middle school.  You have to walk before you run and Iron Men is designed with the "long game" in mind.  Constant exposure to the FIVE DIALS allows these foundational concepts to sink in and take root. Challenges that build character, encourage self assessment and teach fundamental skills that 

"Iron sharpens iron."

Proverbs 27:17


will serve them well through life.  Rewards that demonstrate there is a greater goal, a greater purpose to this life. Iron Men is an adventure.  One that they have the choice to participate in.  As parents and leaders we cannot force them.  It is time for them to make some decisions on their own.

In terms of choice, each student can decide to participate from the start or pick up any time after it starts.  Just because they did not participate in sixth grade does not mean they are sidelined for seventh and eighth.  In fact, our experience is that those who do not choose to participate in the first year make the decision on their own to get in the game in the years to follow.

Iron Men blends a mix of various engaging activities to create value around our small group and the brotherhood it represents.  It is a privilege to be part of the group and each member must honor the group and it's members.  We incorporate the following into our small group routine...

Cold Hard Cash Challenges

Small Group Outings

Church Activities (Camps and Retreats)

Parent Meetings

One on One Time

Iron Men Challenges

Each year group members have the choice to participate in the Iron Men Challenges.  A series of challenges that will earn them a reward at the end of the school year.  We have designed the rewards in our group around the "Armor of God".  Pictured below - each piece of armor represents the culmination of a school years worth of work.

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